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It's the past, present and future of Ex Norwegian in one spot.

We're gratified to have been able to spend over a decade making music on our own accord, without the lame-ifying hassles of pleasing corporate masters. This has enabled Ex Norwegian to remain a creative force and hopefully an interesting listening experience for our eccentric audience.

That said, it is thanks to our listeners who support what we do that enable us to continue. With that that said, we're here on BandCamp to help keep the ball rollin' - and have some fun with exclusive perks and content; not to mention, a direct and easy communication platform.

New music every week. From covers to originals, all available as part of your subscription plan. We'll also dig deep into our archives & release the occasional subscription-only release.

Be a subscriber and get the latest and exclusive updates directly from us, some serious discounts on physical copies but the coolest thing of all is the ability to communicate directly with us and give feedback. Help us keep creating better and amazing content.

#MENGA (Make Ex Norwegian Great Again)

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Ex Norwegian
“Ex Norwegian is easily one of the best pop bands of all time...”

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